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3119 Vicente Street
San Francisco, CA, 94116

415 730 5149

SmartyPup! is a puppy training school located in San Francisco, California

Lilian Fukuda

Lilian Fukuda

SmartyPup! is overjoyed and blessed to have Lilian on our team!

SmartyPup! is overjoyed and blessed to have Lilian on our team!

Having successfully worked in close partnership with her dogs has strongly shaped her cooperative approach to training and handling. In 2013, Lilian had the honor of learning from Janis Bradley and received her certification as a dog trainer and behavior consultant from Janis’s distinguished Dog Training Internship Academy (DTIA). Lilian has also recorded over 1,300 hours of her time with HSSV (Humane Society of Silicon Valley) and has fostered dogs for various rescue organizations. She has extensive experience in working with sensitive animals, and working/herding breeds. Her true passion lies in working with dogs who are deaf, blind or both and their selfless guardians who quickly learn that their dogs can learn and function with minimal special accommodations, if any at all. Lilian is committed to continually educating herself with the best in the field so that her teaching repertoire is the most effective and the most dog and human friendly it can be.

She loves her job at SmartyPup! and is strongly committed to yourpuppy’s happy learning experience in Day School. She love dogs and the people who love them, and looks forward to working with you and your pup at SmartyPup!



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