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3119 Vicente Street
San Francisco, CA, 94116

415 730 5149

SmartyPup! is a puppy training school located in San Francisco, California


Puppy 1 copy

Puppy 1 for pups 8 to 16 weeks

Puppy 1
for pups 8 to 16 weeks

Your dog's very first class!  Take this class and learn Focus and Attention; Sit and Down; Stay; Loose leash walking; Come; Don't Touch: How to look cool at the Dog Park. Once you have completed this class you are eligible for all SmartyPup! Classes

Training a dog begins the second you bring him home. Everything you do—and don’t do—is an “A-ha” moment for your puppy dog-- they are learning, for better or worse, every second of every day. This class covers all the basics a good dog should have. Our focus is to guide and give you the tools to begin the process of training a happy, compliant, well-mannered dog. In a group setting you will learn how to train (and live with) your dog both in and outside of class.

too cool for school

too cool for school

Upcoming Classes:


Class Details:

  • Classes: 5  weekly sessions; 55 min.
  • Cost: $225.00
  • Trainers:
  • Includes:
    • Private Puppy Support Group (SmartyPup! Students only)
    • Weekly homework - Support Documents


  • Pups over 4.5 months 
  • You must have had your dog in possession for at least 7 days prior to first class.
  • Proof of visit to your local Vet and vaccinations (as determined by you and your Veterinarian).
  • Dogs must be friendly towards people and other dogs. 
  • Be in the care of a local Veterinarian.
  • Confused or have questions? Paw Here!

You will learn:

  • Focus and Attention
  • Sit and Down
  • Stay
  • Loose leash walking
  • Come
  • Don't Touch
  • How to look cool at the Dog Park

After PupDog 1 What's Next?
Once you have completed PupDOG 1 you may be eligible for Puppy 2.