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3119 Vicente Street
San Francisco, CA, 94116

415 730 5149

SmartyPup! is a puppy training school located in San Francisco, California

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Puppy Dayschool Application SmartyPup! Sunset

-DaySchool is offered at our Sunset location only. 3119 Vicente Street 94116.
-Monday thru Friday, 8am to 4:30pm
-Please complete this form. SmartyPup! will contact you promptly to discuss the program that best fit your needs.
-We accept puppies between the ages of 8 to 13 weeks only. Puppies 13 weeks and over must be attending a SmartyPup! course or enrolled in an off-leash puppy training course.
-Puppies over 13 weeks and not enrolled in a class will require a one day trial - please contact us after submitting this form.

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Starting September 1, 2019 all puppies must have pet insurance while in dayshcool.
Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment:
Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment: As owner/guardian I give permission for SmartyPup! to act as my agent in the event that my dog needs medical attention, including the administration of anesthesia. I also agree that I will be responsible for any and all cost of medical care deemed necessary by the licensed veterinarian in the amount chosen below. The amount indicated below is the amount SmartyPup! will authorize the treating veterinarian to expense. The use of these funds will be at the veterinarian’s discretion to ensure that your dog receives the best medical care. Once the maximum authorized amount is met, no additional treatment will be provided until you, the owner/guardian, or the emergency contact listed below can be reached

Important to know about our School

Crate Training: Did you know that naps are essential to a pup's physical and mental health? It is true. Your pup must have experience settling in a closed crate. At School our puppies nap twice a day for 90 minutes in a closed and covered crate. Naps are essential to their physical and mental health.

Essential Policies

You must read and agree to our Day School policies concerning Refund, Puppy Requirements, and Health and Wellness.

Please review your own personal schedule to ensure that your puppy can attend all dates in your chosen program.


  • 13 weeks or under at the start of Puppy Day School. Pups over 13 weeks require a SmartyPup! intake consultation.

  • In your home for at least 7 days before Puppy Day School begins.

  • Be under the care of a local Veterinarian.

  • Have had at least ONE Parvo, ONE distemper vaccine, and deworming (usually performed at the breeder or rescue) at least 7 days prior to the start of class or as recommended by your Veterinarian.

  • Proof of negative fecal test from Veterinarian. Must be within 7 days before starting DaySchool.


  • Refunds for cancellation are issued only if you have given us at least 7 business days to fill your canceled seat and only IF we can fill your place in class. If you are eligible for a refund, we will deduct a $250. processing fee.

  • We do not refund any portion of course tuition once Day School has started.

  • WE DO NOT offer refunds for missed days.


  • If you think your puppy is not feeling well please send us an email or call us.

  • Contact your pup’s health care professional and discuss concerns.

  • DO NOT bring your pup to school until your Veterinarian gives the ok. We will need a note or an email from your Veterinarian.

  • Please View the Vaccine Chart - Core vs NonCore Vaccines-DNM.

  • By carefully choosing SmartyPup for your pup's training and socialization, you have selected a group where, people like you, have their pup’s physical and psychological health as a priority. A place where safe, controlled and limited exposure to other animals lowers the risk of infectious diseases and viruses.

  • You can't control everything, but you can give your dog the best chance for success by enriching their environment and giving them a reasonably safe way to explore the world both in the house and in the great outdoors, especially between the ages of 7 to 13 weeks.

  • Quote from Dr. Sandy Hazanow: I advise my clients that it is essential to properly immunize young animals according to a schedule set by your veterinarian and that no matter what you do, other than keeping your dog inside all the time vaccinations don't always work. They may even be deactivated by the antibodies a puppy gets from its mom, so really, there is no guarantee (discuss further with your vet). That is why your well-informed decisions and questions are of paramount importance.

  • Veterinarians will guide you on vaccination decisions by assessing factors about you, your dog, his breed, and the activities you plan on doing.