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SmartyPup! is a puppy training school located in San Francisco, California



Team Work! SmartyPup!, Puppy and You.

You are already in hip deep! Once you adopt a puppy, you are committing to a lot of DOING IT YOURSELF... starting of course with puppy DOs and puppy DONTs. This page is for those of you wanting to wade deeper into the exciting waters of D I Y with your P U P... and we know how hard that can be... Everyone you meet is giving you advice, by now you are absolutely discombobulated . (We know that we are just one more talking head telling giving more council a la internet...)  BUT, here is what makes SmartyPup! special:  We want you to know what is fact and what is opinion. Here you will find ways to research and make your own informed decision... one that you can live with.  Here you will find what we think are the best toys, food, puppy management techniques, training methods, periodicals, books, etc...
Everything from making your own toys and creating training games, to buying and or making the best possible food for your pup using the healthiest, most delicious and environmentally friendly ingredients.


Further Technical Reading - 

The Effect of Training Methods on the Efficiency of Learning. Punishment based dog training results in reduced learning.
-Psychology Today

SmartyPup! Puppy Forum - a place for students, graduates and best friends of SmartyPup! to discuss training, health, social lives, plan play dates and reunions, ask questions, and all things dog.

Puppy in the house - things you should have

For Class please bring - what you need for class and to prepare for class.

Puppy Videos - puppies playing, relaxing, being trained...being puppies

Places to Go - Socialize your puppy before it's too late - where to go what to do!