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SmartyPup! is a puppy training school located in San Francisco, California

FITDOG - Mind and Body Training for dogs

Using basic obedience and agility equipment, you ansd your dog will navigate more basic obedience, tunnels, jumps, climbing and balancing. DOG WORKOUT FOR MIND AND BODY combines confidence building, agility skills and fun.  This class strengthens the bond between you and your pup through fun, obedience and exercise! You walks will never be the same again!

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FIT DOG WORKOUT. Let’s work your dog’s mind AND body.

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Smarter. Faster. Calmer. Stronger. Mindful.
Your Dog is an athlete whether you know it or not.

Let’s work your dog’s mind and body.

Does your dog run? Jump? Swim? Crawl on their bellies? What about wresting with you and other dogs? Is your dog ready for anything? A picnic table? A Nap? Is your Pug a whirling dervish or a Sir Lags-Alot. . Is your Ridgeback kickback or a rocket. Does your cavalier eat and exercise at the same time? . Is your bully-breed dog constantly overexerting?

Just like us, if their bodies are in good condition, they can do all that stuff as much as they like—PLUS, their risk of injury is really low. The goal of this course is keeping your dog fit. How to help them do what they are already doing—and maybe even more!--but do it better…faster…stronger…and safer - with less chance of injury. 

Balance, Strength, Coordination , Stamina, Flexibility, Confidence Building, Body Awareness, Balance…


Basic obedience + agility and physical therapy equipment = fun & safety!

Exercise: how much and what kind of exercise does your dog get? is it too much or is it too little. Should my dog be doing that.? How might it affect her overall body condition?

Work on your dogs Target zones: head, neck, front, core, rear

Practice the 4 corners of fitness: Balance, strength, endurance, flexibility

Fun Warm-up exercises

SmartyPup! PARKOURS  course combines confidence building, skills of agility , obedience and fun.  This class strengthens the bond between you and your dog and provides fun and exercise for both of you, not just in class but on your daily walk!

Strengthen follow, handling, down, stay, watch and come as you have fun and learn how to safely jump, run through tunnels, balance wobbly surfaces (ride a skateboard), climb mountains,  games and, freeze in a flash 'STAY' and, so much more.


basic obedience + dog mind and body = fun and adventure on walks

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Class Details:

  • Course:: 3 weekly sessions; 55 min.

  • Cost: $ 180


  • For Puppy 1 grads, or with current Puppy 2 enrollment.

  • Friendly toward dogs and people


  • While this class uses some basic agility equipment, it is NOT an agility training class. You cannot use this class as a pre-requisite to any formal agility training school.

You Will Learn:

Jumping up, over and on, Running, Balancing wobbly surfaces,Tunnels, Jumps, Recall Games, Stays, Crate games ........

Our goal is to give you and your dog a safe and fun experience using agility equipment.  We will give you a basic understanding of how to help your dog maneuver over, through and on  some obstacles.  In addition, your dog will begin to learn how to use his body properly when encountering obstacles and you will learn how to maneuver alongside your dog for proper handling.

  • Go up, off, on, through and under

  • Go safely over through obstacles

  • Balance on wobble boards for core strength

  • Stay on Platforms

  • Targeting

  • Heeling



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