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3119 Vicente Street
San Francisco, CA, 94116

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SmartyPup! is a puppy training school located in San Francisco, California



Fluffy Come! Fido Sit! . . . Fluffy? Sit. Please? Cookie? Argh! Fluffeeeeeee? . . . Does your dog seem to have his his head in the sand when you call him? Frustrated with your dog's lack of enthusiasm and focus? Complete disregard for your Alpha Gorilla position in the world on walks and at the park or beach?

Puppy 2 in the Great Outdoors - The Field Work

Fluffy Come! Fido Sit! . . . Fluffy? Sit. Please? Cookie? Argh! Fluffeeeeeee? . . .

Your dog performs to perfection at home and in class, BUT as soon as you are OUTSIDE (aka real life), everything you worked on seems to vanish. Get help turning your  dog's lack of enthusiasm and focus, or complete disregard in general when outdoors to a more enjoyable walk.

Who should take this class:

  • You completed the puppy 2 class INDOORS.
  • On walks, for some reason and you cant figure out, your dog loses the skills he performs so well at home
  • Your pupdog seems to Disregard your every request. What the ??????? is going on?
  • Stranger Danger! Your dog is barking and the silliest or not so silly things: garbage cans, people bending down, other dogs -he lovessss other dogs and people what is going on??

    What The Class Covers:

    The basics you learned in puppy 2

    On walks
    At the park
    Anti - jump - friendly greeting with dogs and people
    REQUEST Compliance (aka obedience)
    Leave it


      • Completed Puppy 2 INDOORS class at SmartyPup! or equivalent course. 

      Walking Festivities - making the walk fun for your dog (and you of course) with

      • Games
      • Rituals
      • Life Rewards - transition from all food to other important rewards.
      • Creating rules your dog can understand.
      • Helping you understand what your dog knows and does not know.