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SmartyPup! is a puppy training school located in San Francisco, California




Praise your dog and praise your dog's trainer! — see what our clients are saying about their experience at SmartyPup! 


Just considering bringing a new pup into your family can cause a normally rational persons thinking process to implode. How do we pick a breed that is right for our family? What about breeders? How do we know which breeder is trustworthy? What happens when we get the puppy home? What kind of food is best? And, OMFG, what about healthcare and vaccinations! The list goes on….  and this is all before even thinking about training. You suddenly become aware of the dull ache at the back of your head and your hands feel clammy. It’s moments like this you wish you’d never taken up that crack habit.... Enter Fawn Pierre. Not only is Fawn an extraordinary and caring human she also happens to be a very talented and experienced puppy trainer. My wife and I had the good fortune of making contact with Fawn over a year ago for our brand new puppy Gracie. She took us under her wing and has since become a dear friend. Everyone likes to get a good return on investments. The time and money you spend with Fawn will not only give you peace of mind and a valuable education but will truly enhance the wonderful and loving bond between your family and your wisely chosen new pup. Her positive reinforcement training techniques allow your new companion to grow into a happy, polite, well socialized and behaved adult. Do yourself and your pup a favor and call Fawn. You won’t regret it. I speak from personal experience and would be honored to have perspective clients contact me with any questions."

Harlan Woodring and Gracie

Jean Donaldson

Fawn's teaching is so good, it makes me want to cry!

Jean Donaldson, founder Academy for Dog Trainers at The San Francisco SPCA, and The Dogs Trainers Academy, Author and Dog trainer extraordinaire!


No doubt about it- Fawn Pierre, lead trainer at SmartyPup!, has a unique ability to help us to understand our dogs. As a veterinarian, I attended one of her classes to learn about a different way to train my new puppy and her methods and explanations on "the dogs mind" were a tremendous insight. Almost any trainer can train your dog, but it takes a very special person to take you beyond that and help you to understand your dog so you can take what you have leaned in puppy class and use it for those many years of your dog's life. Her classes are a  wonderful way to jump start a fun-filled, communicative relationship with your dog... read more

Dr. Sandra Hazanow - Seven Hills Vet Clinic

Dr. Ian Dunbar

In a letter to San Francisco Veterinarians, Dr. Ian Dunbar, founder of Sirius® Puppy Training wrote “ […], without a doubt Fawn is the most experienced and the most talented puppy trainer in San Francisco. She is a natural teacher — utterly conscientious, creative, fast-paced, funny and extremely engaging. When you entrust your puppy clients to Fawn, you may rest assured that they are going to receive the very best education."

Dr. Ian Dunbar DVM - Founder Sirius Puppy Training

Dr.   Ghlan

As a veterinarian, I have dispensed much advice about puppy training, but as the proud owner of a new pup I now go to Fawn Pierre for advice!  I have learned so much new information on training my pup that my advice to owners has changed.  What I have learned from Fawn during our puppy classes and puppy socials absolutely works.  Fawn understands dogs, especially pups.  And my pup loves her and her classes.  Fawn understands people too and is wonderful to work with.  My pup and I will be taking classes as long as we can!  I am recommending Fawn and SmartyPup! to all my clients.

Dr. Ghlan

This has been the most amazing thing ever for our 11 week old puggle, Stinson. Fawn and Tammy are really amazing with their approach to the puppy socials and the training. Our puppy immediately felt comfortable in their play space and loves to listen to the both of them. Also these socials and classes have also seemed to help me be less socially dysfunctional.  Thank you! If you have a puppy you need to socialize them and get them good training. I can't imagine going to anyone else. Check out to see more pictures.

Steven S. 2/1/09

Just an update: I have sent many new puppy owners to Fawn Pierre over the years and have heard only excellent reviews. She takes puppy ownership, with all of its potential stresses and worries and makes it what it should be -- FUN. Every time I speak with Fawn, I learn something new. She is passionate not only about puppy training and dog behavior theory, but genuinely caring about each and every owner she works with. Whether in group class or private sessions, the joy she brings to learning to communicate with a dog is contagious.  I have and will continue to attend Fawn's classes with my dogs. She is magic.

Dr. Sandy Hazanow Seven Hill Veterinarian Yelp 3/24/12

Let me just start by saying, Fawn is amazing. As are all of her trainers that, I just unfortunately can't remember their names, but they all deserve major kudos! We recently adopted a pitbull/lab puppy, who when we first got her, had some behaviors that we didn't like, and we wanted to make sure that we got her the best training possible, especially because of all the stigma that goes with having a pitbull. We where so nervous when we went to our first puppy social, worried that our puppy would be too mean, or we would be asked to leave. As first time dog owners, I am sure that is everyone's concern. We where pleasantly surprised when that turned out to not be the case! Fawn is so very friendly, always smiling, and made us feel very welcome there. She understands the stigma around pitbulls and works with us, and our puppy to make sure we have the best dog possible. We have never felt uncomfortable at the socials, and even the people who bring their puppies there are great as well. 
We are also enrolled in Puppy 101 and have been learning so much. Fawn always takes the time to answer our questions and even during socials, she will help us with information on how to train for certain behaviors that we see during play as well. - Oh and most importantly, our puppy loves Fawn as well! So if you want someone who truly loves dogs, and people, this is the place to go, for socials and classes. We will certainly be bringing all of our future puppies to Fawn as well.

Tommy G. Yelp 10/1/12

Fawn and Ali SmartyPup! dog trainer protege

Fawn and Ali SmartyPup! dog trainer protege

Dear Fawn,
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Smarty Pup 101!  Despite having had two Westies previously, I came to class quite apprehensive about my decision to acquire such a young puppy--it had been, after all, nearly sixteen years since my last one!  Your classes showed all of your pupils--human and canine--what "tough love" really means:  we learned how to partner, how to guide and direct, how to set limits, and most of all, how to relax and enjoy our puppies!  I know that I gained invaluable confidence over the last six weeks and I am certain that confidence was transferred to Rory.  You know--perhaps better than all of us-- that terriers are as sweet an animal that ever existed and that they are also "tough as little tanks" (as one of my friends reminded me)--NOT easy, in other words!  Smarty Pup classes were stimulating, exciting, interesting, and--importantly--full of great good humor.  You and your assistants provided such positive encouragement, intelligent feedback  and gentle support.  Rory and I will be eager participants in continuing on with Smarty Pup 201. With thanks and best regards,




SmartyPup got two thumbs up from my husband and I.  We took our first English Bulldog puppy, Boudreaux, there for puppy socials and had a great time!  Now, a year later, we have another bulldog (Hemi) that we are taking to Smartypup. The trainers are very helpful and full of knowledge.  As a result of these socials our first bulldog developed skills on how to interact appropriately with other dogs as well as other humans and he had lots of fun too!  Boudreaux gets along great with our new bulldog puppy and there is a 49 pound difference between them.  It is a fun and intimate environment for puppies and people.  I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants all the best for their puppy!

Sofia A. Yelp 10/9/08


Our puppy has completed two 6-week classes with Fawn, and we are in the process of signing up for yet another (and another after that, and so on).  Fawn is simply a fantastic trainer.  And her abilities go beyond just her knowledge of dog behavior and interaction with humans.  She also is a great trainer for owners, because she has a great personal style and demeanor and develops strong relationships with her students (both puppies and humans).  She is simply as good as it gets!

Andreas V. Yelp 2009

We are so happy we took our puppy to fawns SmartyPup! classes. She learned so much in such a short amount of time with her training its fantastic. She is only a few months old but is so well behaved and people really notice. I would recommend her services for sure.

Alison R. Yelp 6/24/11

I met Fawn 14 years ago when she helped my family with our first puppy, Stella. She was as energetic, lovely and knowledgeable then as she is now. Since then, she has helped with three more dogs that joined my family and has become a my go to "doggie advisor". She not only helped me find the breeder for my current pup, but helped me from day one with everything we needed! From helping us set up a new puppy routine, to advice on food, training and everything in between! We have gone to many socials, puppy 101 and training classes, and my little guy even excelled in her tricks class last winter. 
Fawn is an excellent puppy trainer and a great person. She not only gets along great with people (how many great dog trainers can say that?) but my dog looooooves her, to the point of obsession. He is now perfectly trained and everyone who sees him is amazed! 
If you have a new puppy, or are planning to get one, Fawn is your go to girl. I can't recommend her highly enough, and if you want to know how great she is try her out and you'll see for yourself!
Y.B. Yelp 5/15/2012

joe h.

joe h.

Smarty Pup is absolutely the BEST. Having taken various "puppy socialization classes" over the years with various people in the city with our pups - I have to say Smarty Pup provides the most practical advice and training methods on bringing up your pup. The trainers approach it from a pup's point of view and how they see things in the world - which is most enlightening. Sounds simple and it is!!!!  - but as humans we so often forget to see it that way. We expect immediate results and hope by learning various commands by "rote" - our puppys will understand. NOT!!! Which is why I really like the Smarty Pup approach. You get practical advice and amazing insight, as well as plenty of training opportunities within the set class time. And what is great is that they provide Puppy Socials - where it's all play time BUT a perfect time to try out your training skills in the real world. The Puppy Classes when combined with the Puppy Socials provides the most comprehensive training you need to raise your pup.
What really "hit" me was how effective it can be to "catch your pup doing good things" and PRAISING them for that. A nice alternative to the other situation - where you're always on the look out for them to do "wrong" and correct them. But Smarty Pups approach is to be "aware of your dog" and "stay in touch with your dog" during their play time. And praise them when you catch them doing good. Or make contact with them during their playtime with other dogs and reward them. Hey, isn't that how humans like to be treated - and yet so often we fail to do that with other people.
For me - it was an enlightening moment - and really changed the dynamics between me and my two pups. And I must say it improved my pups behaviours. Amazing how such a "simple thing" can be so effective.

I highly recommend Smarty Pup - and again, take advantage of both the Classes and the Socials.

Joe H. Yelp 3/25/13

SmartyPup is a great program. Fawn is wonderful: observant, caring, experienced and knowledgeable. I've learned so much from taking my pup to her socials as well as Puppy One. We are starting Puppy Two next week and I'm very excited to see what my Puppy will be able to learn next. Basically, when regular humans get frustrated with a dog "my dog won't do this... my dog is crazy... my dog won't sit… my dog disobeys... etc", Fawn and her team have a solid solution and will teach you how to approach the situation with practical advice that works every time. I highly recommend SmartyPup! and Fawn Pierre's team.

Yelp Review 1/7/2010

Positively the Best Puppy Training Possible! 
Fawn is fabulous and she's amazing with dogs & people alike--she engages the class without being boring, she's funny, she's outgoing, she's EXTREMELY knowledgeable, and she's so approachable. Fawn clearly loves and respects dogs and trains in a positive yet stern way. No lame dog-whispering here!
The space was clean (smelling like bleach, which is a good thing with all the potential illnesses puppies can get). We also got to do some training: "roll over" but my dog was more interested in playing. I highly recommend SmartyPup and Fawn Pierre's team.

Adam J. Yelp 3/8/12

Josh and Norman

Josh and Norman

My dog Norman and I enrolled in Fawn's Puppy II and it was extremely beneficial.  Watching Fawn interacting with the dogs was very impressive.  Her way of working with the dogs and her understanding of their behavior exceeded my expectations.  I highly recommended taking any of Fawn's classes.  Norman and I both learned a great deal but the most important thing I learned was how to continue the training on my own.  She gives you all of the tools you need to have a well behaved dog if you are willing to put forth the time and effort necessary for success.  Fawn is also extremely fun to work with.  She is very outgoing and makes class a joy.  I lived in Fawn's neighborhood where she had several of the local dogs in her training classes and never heard anything bad about her from anyone.  She can train anything.  She even trained a chicken.  She is a great trainer who I highly recommend for anything from basic obedience to advanced tricks.  Definitely a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

Josh H. Yelp 8/15/08

First of all I wanted to tell you how wonderful your class was.  Oscar is like a different dog and I owe it all to you and your great training tips.  I've taken many dog training classes over the years and volunteer at the Marin Humane Society, so I've observed more than one trainer. You are by far the best I've ever seen and I've had good experiences with many teachers.  You are able to zero in on just the right thing with each dog.  You are not a "cookie cutter" teacher.

Karen Ready and Oscar

SmartyPup is a great program. Fawn is wonderful: observant, caring, experienced and knowledgeable. 
I've learned so much from taking my pup to her socials as well as Puppy One. We are starting Puppy Two next week and I'm very excited to see what my Puppy will be able to learn next. 
Basically, when regular humans get frustrated with a dog "my dog won't do this... my dog is crazy... my dog won't sit... my dog disobeys...etc", Fawn and her team have a solid solution and will teach you how to approach the situation with practical advice that works every time.

I highly recommend SmartyPup and Fawn Pierre's team.

KimLing L Yelp 1/7/2010

Fawn and the rest of the team are superb. They teach you, the humans, how to learn with your puppy. Classes are the right size - not to small, as your puppy needs others to socialize with - and not too big. Highly, superbly recommended.
— Antonia T Yelp 4/3/2013

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