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3119 Vicente Street
San Francisco, CA, 94116

415 730 5149

SmartyPup! is a puppy training school located in San Francisco, California


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 Team SmartyPup!

We’ve been training puppies and teaching people for over 25 years in San Francisco. We know puppies, we know dogs, we know people. We revel in each new class. Helping People and their Pups is THE BEST JOB ON EARTH!

Our Trainers and Assistants:

  • have excellent interpersonal skills - we love people as much as we love dogs.

  • have been trained and mentored by Fawn Pierre and/or other certified animal training and behavior professionals.

  • are academically trained as PROFESSIONAL dog trainers or dog walkers.

  • have extensive knowledge and training in dog behavior and training.

  • are recommended by veterinarians, other dog trainers, and our clients.

  • are patient, honest and caring.

  • all live, work and play in San Francisco. We are not a franchise!

SmartyPup!'s goal is for you to thoroughly enjoy the training experience and to build a strong, positive, and lasting bond between you and your puppy. Training sessions are safe, educational, and designed for the entire family. SmartyPup!  believes it is essential to understand and train puppies-as-puppies (and dogs-as-dogs). They should be taught to respect people-as-people, and learn that people know what is best. As thinking, caring person we help you effectively establish a relationship based on consistency, trust, respect and fun! Your puppies emotional health is a top priority! Our teachers meet the needs of each individual puppy in class and adjust the training to develop each pup for the best chance in your lifestyle.
SmartyPup! is a not just a puppy school, but a San Francisco network of dog-loving trainers, veterinarians and owners! Since 1994, SmartyPup! founder Fawn Pierre has worked with over 30,000 San Francisco puppies and people.

Fawn Pierre
Owner and Founder of SmartyPup!

Smarty, Fawn and bigE

Smarty, Fawn and bigE

Fawn began her professional dog-training career with Sirius® Puppy Training and the SFSPCA in 1994. After 15 years with Sirius®,  she took the big entrepreneurial leap in September 2008 and launched her puppy and dog training program SmartyPup!

Fawn is a proud third generation San Franciscan, well known for her exceptional teaching abilities, her excellent training skills, her informative and entertaining classes, her approachable attitude, and her talent for cultivating the human-canine bond. She has mentored and trained other dog professionals in a variety of pet care industries here at home and from all over the world. . . . Learn more >

Tammy Mehmed
Class Trainer

Tammy and Jester

Tammy and Jester

With over twelve years of puppy training experience, Tammy specializes in group classes and private training consultations from pre-puppy selection assistance and puppy in-home setup to household manners and basic through advanced obedience training. . . . Learn more >

Joe Hague
Class Trainer

Joe and his "puppy" Murphy

Joe and his "puppy" Murphy


Sylvia Borghardt

Sylvie and Fonzie

Sylvie and Fonzie

Sylvia began her career working as an Animal Care Associate at the San Francisco SPCA in 2008, where she was responsible for the complex needs of shelter dogs, matching dogs to prospective adopters and overseeing adoption councils. Under the tutelage of SFSPCA dog trainers, she continued her passion and study of dog behavior and training . . . Learn more >


Shirley Donovan

Shirley and Benny

Shirley and Benny

Shirley has been a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers ( since 1995  is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, a certified evaluator for the Canine Good Citizen Test,  and a graduate of the San Francisco Dog Trainer’s Academy.  She continues to further her education in dog behavior and keep up with the latest training techniques.... Learn more >


Martha Doromal

Martha, Kira and Calimero

Martha, Kira and Calimero

Day School Trainer, Class Training Assistant and Master Client Relations
Martha's SmartyPup! career started with a SmartyPup! class and a puppy named Kira Falafel (one of the happiest dogs we have ever met). She is our first responder" in class, on the phone and via email for all things SmartyPup!.
Her passion for reward-based dog training. . . . Learn more >

Lilian Fukuda

Day School Trainer and Head Mistress! Lilian invests much of her time, love and energy in her career with dogs. She began her career with these wonderful creatures in 2008, working with her own dogs in animal assisted activities and competing in dog sports.... read more


Jennifer Mallawey

Coming soon


Joe has been working professionally with dogs and their people since 1998 when he founded The Grateful Dog, a dog walking and training service.  In 2002he received his training and behavioral certification from the AIAS (American Institute of Animal Sciences) and received his training and behavioral and then in 2009--the highlight of his career (at least SmartyPup! says so) he started teaching for SmartyPup!   and is attending the world famous Academy for Dog Trainers. Joecontinues his education and practical experience walking and training dogs.  Joe revels in helping people connect. . . . Learn more >


Lilian, Keeper, Mel and Luigi

Lilian, Keeper, Mel and Luigi

Could this be you?

Are you seriously thinking about a career working with puppies and their people? SmartyPup! is accepting applications for interns. Our biggest requirement is that you LOVE working with people and of course are fascinated with and want to learn more about dogs. For more information please send us an email. Contact Us!