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multiple locations
San Francisco, Ca 94109

415 730 5149

SmartyPup! is a puppy training school located in San Francisco.



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Happy Dogs.   Happy People.   Happy Training.


SmartyPup! offers Socials and Classes
for beginner, intermediate & advanced pups & dogs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. deTails

Puppy Preschool - every Wednesday - puppies 8-16 weeks- deTAILs

Puppy 1 - pups 8-16 weeks - deTAILs

pupDog 1 -  pups over 4.5 months - deTAILs

Puppy 2 - pup 1 grads - deTAIL

Puppy 3 - deTails = Come! - deTails,
Drills - deTails - and Heel - deTAILs

Puppy 123 - Open Enrollment - for grads of puppy 1, pup dog 1 and pup2 grads. deTails
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Not just a class, a community! When you enroll in a SmartyPup! class you get:  

  • weekly homework and class summaries

  • Written and video instructions

  • Private HELP Forum for SmartyPup! students only

  • Puppy Socials at a discounted rate

  • Continued education and development-upper level classes are available to SmartyPup! students only. 


Puppy Socials and Puppy PreSchool - deTails

You must register to attend - paw here to sign up!

Socials are:
Tuesday - 7:00-7:55pm @ Fort Mason Center

Wednesday - 5:00-5:55pm and 6pm to 7:30 @ NorthBeach - easy street parking!

Wednesday -PreSchool-6pm to 7:30 @ North Beach

Saturday - 10am-10:55 @ Potrero/SOMA


Training a puppy begins the second you bring him home. Everything you do—and don’t do—is an “A-ha” moment for your puppy -- they are learning, for better or worse, every second of every day. Our focus is to guide and give you the tools to begin the process of training a happy, well-mannered dog both in and our of class. We know difference between behaviors  that will fade away as your pup matures, and behaviors that need attention right now, before they become life long problems.
Classes are rewarding experience for everyone. Our approach is holistic: we take into account the rearing, care, behavioral development and training  and health concerns of puppies. We train  the whole dog!

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