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multiple locations
San Francisco, Ca 94109

415 730 5149

SmartyPup! is a puppy training school located in San Francisco.



Puppy classes, socials and private training.
for dogs. for people.

Happy Dogs. Happy People. Happy Training.

Training a puppy begins the second you bring him home. Everything you do—and don’t do—is an “A-ha” moment for your puppy -- they are learning, for better or worse, every second of every day. We know difference between behaviors that will fade away as your pup matures, and behaviors that need attention right now... before they become life long problems. SmartyPup! courses are a rewarding experience for everyone... Our mission is to PREVENT problems before they ever start. 

We know puppies, and we know people.

Puppy Play Dates:

Puppy Play Dates are weekly play and socialization sessions for pups 8 to 16 weeks old. You MUST register in order to attend.

In house training- For Pups 8 To 16 Weeks.

Daily Training at our facility. Coming in January!
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Pup 1:
for pups 8 to 16 weeks.

Puppy kindergarten - for pups 8 to 16 weeks old with first round of vaccinations.
6 week course
(Pup over 4 months? Sign up for PupDog 1)
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PupDog 1: 
Basic training for pups Over 4.5 Months.


For Pups 4.5 to 12 month - 5 week course covers all the good dog basics.
Coming In December 2015
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Pup 2: 
Continuation of pup 1 or  PupDog 1

Crash with Adolescence! "What happened to my sweet puppy? He only listens when he wants to. Why is he barking at kids and paper bags?..." Training has become a real challenge. Don’t despair; your good puppy dog will come back...BUT ONLY IF you know what to do...
5 week course. 
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Puppy 3:
Continuation of Puppy 2

The Masters series. Focus, Focus, Focus!
Walk with me, nicely. Stay "until I say so": polite greetings; solid recalls from dogs and other desirable (eiwwwww) items: Public Relations training--indoor and outdoor manners...
5 week course. 
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Heeling: Puppy 2 Grads.

This intensive 3 week course is jam-packed and action-filled with exercises to encourage the heel position while out on a walk.  Be prepared to work and use a lot of reinforcers.
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Great Outdoors Puppy 2 Grads.
coming In February 2016:

You have done all the work inside, now LET'S TAKE IT OUTSIDE!
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Tricks:  Puppy 2 Grads

Learn show stopping performances with SmartyPups “TRICKSTER” Class.  Your pup will learn: Sit Up, Wave, Pout, Gimme Four, Savasana (dead dog), BackUp, Rollover and as a finale... Bow! Time to shine!
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Drills 1:  
Pup 2 grads take the next step!

In this 5 week class, you will work on heeling, rock-solid stays, sits, downs and challenging recalls! This class is for you as much as it is for your dog. Drill Baby, Drill! Get ready to work up a sweat while you turn your dog's basic skills into paw-perfect-precision. Let us know you are interested in Drills 2 fill the wait list.
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Recall aka Come: Puppy 2 Grads.

Let us know you are interested in the Recall class - fill out wish list 5 week course - class meets once a week.

Obedience 123: Puppy 2 Grads.

Continuation of puppy 2. Stay motivated and obedient with our weekly drop in drills class. Multilevel obedience working at your dog's skill level. Attention; Focus; Come; Heeling and more
Let us know you are interested by fulling out our Let us know you are interested paw the wait and wish list.