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3119 Vicente Street
San Francisco, CA, 94116

415 730 5149

SmartyPup! is a puppy training school located in San Francisco, California



Junior Puppy Training Program
for kids 9 to 16 years

Junior Puppy Training Program
Kid and Pup Days of Summer:
You provide the kid and we provide the puppies.
Kids learn to understand how puppies learn and how best to train them.
Win, win!



  • Kids 9 to 16 years old (some exceptions made).

  • Kids must be comfortable around dogs. These are young puppies who may jump up on people and can nip and bite. Kids (and Parents) must be OK with this.

  • Kids must be mature and able to follow directions.

3119 Vicente Street between 42nd and 43rd Avenue

Monday thru Friday 11:00am to 4:30
Drop off at school: 11:00am
Pick Up by 4:30pm.
5 days per for 1 week.
Starts every Monday Summer 2019

WHO: Two Junior Puppy Trainers per session plus one professional trainer plus Junior Trainer Grads.

Your child, and new human friend, and 2 to 10 new pup friends! Pup days of Summer is the time of year where we break out and try some new things!

SmartyPup! staff and SmartyPup! puppies. -SmartyPup! School is known for the care, and playful approach to educating people and their dogs.

COST: $500 per weekly session.




This is a small group experience, with a maximum of two camp participants per week.

  • SmartyPup!! HQ 11am: Drop off

  • 11am to 12:30pm: Training Talk – we teach your child how dogs learn

  • 12:00pm to 3pm: Puppy training, socialization and husbandry. Spending time with puppies!

  • 3:30 to 4:30 : Puppy Nap time; Puparent puppy pick up; Puppy Owner oral report card to puppy parents - kids tell owners what their pup learned that day.

No texting at school.

Junior Trainers must bring their own lunch and snacks.

Activities will include

  • Learning dog training theory from experienced (learning theory) Senior Trainers

  • Basic obedience and handling and basic puppy husbandry.

  • Working one-on-one with a puppy and in groups - Daily Puppy Training Checklist-paw here.

  • Acclimating puppies to various this big crazy beautiful world aka stimuli


About the Puppy DAYSCHOOL program

A Puppies Day with SmartyPup! 

Puppies are trained in groups with a reward-based program and will have multiple people involved. Basic training includes rewards for good behavior such as potty in the right place and playing well with other pups and people,  basic commands such as sit, stay, drop, come, up, off, proper greetings, etc.. ALL done in the great outdoors!

Alone Time & Nap time: "I am o.k. being on my own."

Puppies sleep over 18 hours a day. To have a worthwhile day of activities, puppies must have a designated nap time. Daily naps also promote a sleep schedule imperative for early training. Puppies sleep in comfortable clean crates, while a staff member watches and listens. Crates will be closed so that pups will learn that being in their crate is okay. While puppies are playing, crates are kept open most of the day for puppies who want to nap at any time.

Play time: "Weeeeeeee"

Allows puppies to interact with one another and explore new-comers. Puppies expend energy and are exposed to different breeds of dogs and kinds of people in a safe place. There will always be someone present to watch over them.

Group Play, Confidence Building and Training: "I get along with others (well most of the time), I am learning to be brave, and I like to try and learn things!"

Game play promotes puppies interacting with one another and people, and helps to sharpen their listening skills and social behavior. Games such as follow the leader, name and recall practice with rewards and obstacle courses help to foster confidence,  and trust in humans. Game play also strengthens basic training and helps puppies to learn how to use their minds in different ways.

Exposure and Handling

In the first months of a puppy’s life, exposure is the most important source of information for their lives. For this reason, exposure to different and “scary” things is the crux of early socialization. Puppies will be exposed to people from all walks of life, doing all sorts of things . . . people in hats, LOTS of children, big cardboard boxes, skateboards,, walkers, wheelchairs, and many other things. Exposure works by rewarding puppies for proper behavior while they experience new stimuli which leads to adult dogs that are not reactive or afraid when they experience something unfamiliar. Exposure also includes tactile desensitizing, such as playing with puppies’ paws, opening their mouths, etc. Desensitization is one of the most important parts of exposure and will make the everyday parts of life with your dog much easier.